Would you love to be part of my team? I have an amazing opportunity for 20 people in the UK to run their own Body rescue Slimming clubs and run a new forward thinking health business. Launching in September 2016 Are you interested? Have you been on The body rescue plan and got amazing results, and would love to share how you did it? Would you like to run a really successful slimming and health business with weekly mentoring by me? OR do you already run your own fitness or health/beauty business and would love to boost your income revenue with an award winning brand?

The body rescue plan has won 4 national awards and is on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers every week.

Christianne has been running her successful slimming body rescue courses and classes for over 20 years, she appears in the press every week, writes 2 columns and sells The body rescue plan books on QVC shopping channel to millions of viewers. She launched her career at Pineapple dance studios and training celebrities on film sets all over the world over 20 years ago and is now ready to take the world by storm with her new franchising opportunity.

Now here is your chance to learn from Christianne herself on how to run your own successful Body Rescue business with her support and guidance, as a FRANCHISEE!
Christianne is offering the opportunity to just 20 Franchisee's initially, to launch their own Body rescue slimming clubs, sell the body rescue books, memberships, and ongoing merchandise.

The franchise is usually packaged at £3300 for a start up fee and £160 a month, BUT as a special pilot scheme price for the first 20 franchisees the start up fee is just £1000 and £120 a month.

For this you get:

- 1 postcode area, subject to availability.

- Full training with Christianne and The body rescue team via webinars.

- 1 full days training.

- A launch night with Christianne as the guest speaker.

- By monthly training after the initial set up.

- Training in nutrition.

- Training in business.

- Training in mindset and meditation.

- Social media and marketing training.

- PR training.

- Press releases per month.

- Press placements and opportunities to be in the press.

- Great packages on merchandise to sell with fantastic profit margins.

- All graphics and art works for marketing.

Why work with Body Rescue? Christianne has run a successful business for over 20 years and has pioneered the world of fitness and well being. When she launched The body rescue plan book it became a best seller on QVC, selling out even before she went on air and has continued to sell out regularly all over the world. The body rescue plan has been described by The Daily Mail as amazing, had 3 triple page spreads in The Daily Express, 13 page write up in Woman and Home magazine, Double page spread in OK magazine, Was the January Diet in The Daily Mail, the Christmas Diet in The Daily Mirror and the Summer plan in The Daily Express. On Top of this it has been featured in over 100 national magazines and newspapers as well as TV and Radio. The Body Rescue Detox Recipe Book won best healthy cook book of the year and Christianne has won many business awards as well including Mumprener 2015 and Woman in Business 2015.


People also love brands and want to be part of something innovative, current, cool and a fashion brand, which is what Body Rescue strives to be.

The public are tired of slimming clubs that have not evolved and people are looking for something new, which is why Body Rescue is such a success.

What can you sell on top of The Body Rescue slimming clubs?

As a franchisee you will have the opportunity to sell our gorgeous clothing range, which was offered its first launch at The ideal home show.

The body rescue plan book
The body rescue detox recipe book
The body rescue maintenance plan book
The gratitude diary book.
The 2 week detox membership.
The body rescue plan membership.
The maintenance plan membership.

And in the future we will be launching meditation candles, detox food boxes, health food boxes, The body rescue magazine and CD's, DVD's and many more products to sell with your business and make a profit from.
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What's in it for you?

You will be part of an amazing, trusted and iconic brand.

Christianne has been a business mentor for over 10 years and can teach you exactly how to love your business and your life with as many hours as you want to work and a great profit.

Christianne has previously owned her own PR company and knows every trick in the book for maximising PR opportunities, these little insights will be passed down to you, which are GOLD and worth a fortune in themselves for your business.
How much money can you make?

You could have the opportunity to make anything from £2000-£10,000 a month, depending on how many hours you want to work. We will fully support you in what ever amount you want to make.

To discuss figures and the franchise opportunity contact us on

Whats the next step?

If you are interested and want to ask Christianne more questions please contact us to arrange a call. On