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  • 7th August 2018

    Healing Turmeric Recipes

    Turmeric – the healer I had a question in one of my Vip groups yesterday asking what the benefits of Turmeric are and do you get enough of these benefits in just food alone or do you need to take…
  • 25th May 2018
    in Recipes

    Blueberry energy bars

        Blueberry bars Serves 8 Ingredients 2 tsp. coconut oil 12 dates, pitted and halved ½ cup warm water ¼ cup almond butter 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 1/3 cup dried blueberries ¼…
  • 18th May 2018


    STREET PARTY FOOD  It's Harrys And Megans Big Day tomorrow and if you are having a party- or need to prep some food- but don't want to feel bloated and want some clean, delicious recipes- I have…
  • 29th March 2018

    How to make Crispy chocolate cakes

    To get your FREE HEALTHY EASTER RECIPE BOOK go here  
  • 29th March 2018

    How to make MILK chocolate Easter eggs- Vegan and Sugar Free

      Here is my 3rd Chocolate Easter Recipe Video- download my FREE Easter egg recipe book here :) 
  • 28th March 2018

    How to make dark chocolate easter eggs

    Dark chocolate easter egg real from Christianne Wolff on Vimeo. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EASTER RECIPE BOOK HERE   
  • 27th March 2018

    How to make white Chocolate Easter Eggs- sugar free and vegan :)

    Exited to share my White Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe with you, this takes minutes to make and is amazing. And so much healthier than shop bought Easter Eggs. If you want more Easter Egg recipe ideas…
  • 26th February 2018

    Winter Vegan Warmers

    Apple and Ginger Porridge Serves 2 Ingredients 2½ oz / 75g / ¾ cup porridge oats 18fl oz / 500mls / 2 cups water 1 large eating apple Ground ginger Preparation Method 1 Cook the porridge oats in…
  • 20th June 2017
    in Recipes

    Mars Ice-cream recipe – SUGAR FREE!

    Phew its hot here in the UK, and I know when it's hot we can be really tempted by our favourite ice-creams! So, I have a gorgeous exclusive Body Rescue recipe for you, that is guilt free as no processed…
  • 27th February 2017
    in Recipes

    Healthy Pancake Recipe

                    High Protein Pancakes Makes 4 pancakes Ingredients 8½oz / 240g ground almonds 1 tbsp milled flaxseeds 1 tsp baking soda. 1 large egg 2oz /…
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