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  • 1st December 2017
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    The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan

    Just a few days left now till we kick off with the maintenance VIP plan. Closing date is 4th December sign up herehttp://www.thebodyrescueplan.com/maintenance
  • 27th November 2017
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    Do you use anger as an excuse ?

    Do you use anger as an excuse? Do you use anger as an excuse for over eating or eating foods that don't agree with you? Do you use anger as excuse for binging on indulgences only to feel empty and…
  • 22nd July 2017
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    How to have your cake and eat it !

    How to have your cake and eat it! The Easiest part of losing weight is losing it. The Hardest part to losing weight is keeping it off. Over the last 21 years I have come up with a method of helping…
  • 22nd July 2017
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    The Body Rescue Maintenance VIP club

    Hi {!firstname_fix} Have you followed The Body Rescue Plan ? But now you would love to have a life plan, and a private group to support your wins and help you through the tough times? Would you love…
  • 11th July 2017
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    How to Stop Eating Your Emotions

    Do you go through phases of having eating urges when you are stressed, upset, angry and highly emotional? Do you recognise you are doing it but have no idea how to stop? Are you punishing yourself,…
  • 29th June 2017
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    Excuses Excuses

    Excuses Excuses  Are you continually making excuses for why you are not achieving what you want? I have just watched the film about Eddie the Eagle, I'll admit the only reason I watched it as it…
  • 20th June 2017
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    How To Go Sugar Free With Ease

    Are you craving ice-creams and chocolate in this hot summer? Do you struggle to get through the day without having to have a sweet treat? Want to learn more on how you can stop those cravings, the…
  • 8th June 2017
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    The Body Rescue Day at Champneys Tring

    The Body Rescue 1 Day Retreat  24th September at Champneys Tring   I am really excited to be offering a 1 day Body Rescue Retreat in collaboration with Champneys Health Spa, Tring. After their…
  • 20th May 2017
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    The 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge

      I am running a new 5 day Sugar Free Challenge, starting 22nd May. The last one was incredible we had such amazing results and I am so excited to run just one more before the summer holidays.…
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